A Bright Finish


Early in the year, are quilt Guild issued a UFO challenge. I made a list of about a dozen items, thinking that I would be able to accomplish maybe half of them. Well it turns out that that was an ambitious goal. I got two done this year so far. I do have one more month to go, and a couple of simple projects that I would be able to knock out. So, I have showed pictures of my bright lights big city quilt in its various stages. I can honestly say that I finally have it quilted and bound and it is complete!

I blogged about it way back in August of 2015… and am unable to add the link!! Ugh! As I recall, I don’t think it took a long time to piece this. I guess the quilts just need to age a bit before being quilted. So, a few pictures, and then the finish…

The corner units on Bright Lights Big City are paper pieced. The template is found in this book… I love to use a design wall, and slowly build a project… changing out placement until it feels just right. These fabrics at the time were a bit out of my comfort zone, and it looking back, I sure mixed them up and made it work!

You can see that each of the four units made consists of four pieced corners and a center. To keep some consistency in the quilt I kept the “V” shaped sections, and the very center all a bright pink. The centers in each of the four sections is also in a polka dot. Sewing curves? Not so hard. Victoria gives great direction in doing this kind of piecing.

And so then… not long after my piecing was completed, I picked up a great backing from a clearance bolt found at a shop in Minnesota. Together… once I mixed the two into a bag, they marinated – for a couple of years!! Then, onto the longarm they went! I was feeling bold and brave enough to really try to do some ruler work. I can point out all my flaws and mistakes, but for the most part, no one else would unless they really analyzed it. On the whole, I came a long way with it. I don’t longarm often enough to really feel like I “have it” down. But, I progress slowly!



And for now this beauty rests on the back of a chair by the fireplace. I envision myself there some winter day by the fire in my big overstuffed chair, reading while covered with this!

And there will be tea…



For those that Inspire us…


thank you!


We all have those who have gone before us, paved the way, and in some way manage to inspire us and educate us on our creative path. For so many and for so long, this person has been Nancy Zieman. While the set of Wisconsin Public Television’s show “Sewing With Nancy” has gone quiet and dark, this amazing woman’s legacy lives on! Her body of work will be seen over and over again on television and the internet. Her books, dvds and patterns grace many bookshelves. Not only did she show us how to “make things”, she was a role model for so many in the industry. I had never met her, but would have liked to. We were neighbors. Well, almost. We lived in the same county in Wisconsin. I don’t generally have celebrity awestruck moments, but I would think that Nancy would have been one of those people. If I had run into her at the grocery, I can pretty much tell you that I would have been tongue tied. People of character who are successful and giving are the role models I look up to.

Thanks for sharing your passion Nancy!


A Tale of Two Desks…


or really three desks! Luanne and I have some desk history….

The old story goes like this…Over 30 years ago I bought a desk from my Mom’s friends husband. He was a lawyer and it was from his firm. It was a big old desk and had great storage. Not long after the purchase, I was going to move and Luanne’s Dad bought the desk. Luanne in turn ended up with the desk I believe when her Dad moved. Now, Luanne and I were out of contact for a long while after high school. So, when we reconnected and started quilting together, I came to her house to sew. I did not know that she had the desk and used it to sew on. I recognized it right away.

and the new story…. I had purchased a new Elna sewing machine (roughly 2 + years ago) that I ultimately wanted to drop down into a desk so that the bed of the machine would be level with the desk. My husband found a big old desk that lived in a bank during its first life. Together we measured, cut a hole and routed the edge for the acrylic surround of the machine. We put a shelf below for the machine to sit on. The desk had some wear, so it was sanded and stained. The beast has great storage and will need to be taken apart to get it out of the room! So, fast forward… Luanne got her Elna sewing machine this summer. Again, my husband and myself found a desk almost identical to mine at a second hand store. Luanne wanted it for her machine. Her son cut, routed and added a shelf. And here is what she has….


Such a nice set up… and clear workspace! Looks beautiful!

I did warn her that this could happen….

Guess it’s clean up time for me!




In an effort to get out of the driveway this morning, it took both of us (my husband and I) to scrape the car windows. More denial going on, and I am not alone in it this time… the ice scrapers were not in the car, but still in the garage. The car, rather than being in the garage overnight was in the drive covered in a layer of frost. I used an old debit card… worked great!

We are slowly thinking about this winter thing, while others are miles ahead. Some bundles of wood were bought and placed in front of the fireplace. Gloves and a winter coat are also being worn. But the scarf I just bought is at home laying on the counter. Oh well!

My Grandson loves pancakes… but Grandma did not make them for him… instead I made “Pam-Cakes”! And seeing as how my name is Pam, well you get it… Gluten free and made from almond flour.


I had it in my head yesterday morning that I would quickly load a small quilt on the longarm. Then later in the day I would try to get it quilted. Our quilt guild has a challenge going on called “The Purrect Challenge”.  A woman in the area had a lot of cat fabric that she donated to our guild, with the idea that it would go toward making items for charity. And so many items from pet mats, to pillow cases and little quilts and more have been in the works.

I happened to have a stack of apple core pieces that I had previously cut from my scrap bin. Every now and again I want to whittle down that unruly mess of scraps. So, I used the cat fabrics amongst my scraps and put together a 45″ x 45″ quilt. Lots of color and variety, and I think it turned out pretty cute. I loaded the quilt while the rest of the household was occupied. And then I thought… if I could just get a start on the quilting until they discover that I am missing….  Well, I did a basic large meander on this quilt and in no time was on the last row. That is when I was found out! My grandson watched closely and asked questions while I moved along with the very fast stitching. The binding has been sewn to the edge and I just need to handstitch the binding to the back. That is the part I enjoy a great deal! Love doing binding.

If you haven’t tried curved piecing… don’t be intimidated!! I don’t pin like crazy. Three pins at the most. Sew slowly, use a stylus to help keep things lined up. The Accuquilt die I used had notches to help keep things lined up, as well as using care and matching seams.

I have one other quilt that I am finishing the binding on! Two in one week! Big time fun!


Thick Rain…


was falling from the sky when I left for work this morning. I will have to admit here that I am in denial about it all. The real word for it is SLEET! I have lived in Wisconsin almost all of my life and I am pretending that winter is not going to happen. Must be a coping skill. I have yet to pull out a winter coat. It was enough to pull out socks! I would much rather wear flip flops all the time. I believe I will need to go coat shopping. Every year, I tell myself that I will get a new coat, and then I just kind of make do with what I have.

Aside from that there has been a good deal of productive sewing. Some Christmas items. Below is my current project.

Beautiful and fun fabrics. The light fabric…I just have no clue or idea where or when I got that. It works great in this project!

Again, I pulled out the Squedge 22.5 ruler to make a table center. I was not so sure how the stripe would work out, but I am very pleased with the outcome. I still need to applique a circle at the center, and do the finishing work. For this piece I will layer batting, backing right side up and pieced top, face down. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, I cut around the top piece to cut the layers. I will stitch leaving an opening, flip, top stitch the edges and then do a little more straight stitching to hold it all together. Oh, and a great deal of steam and Best Press.



I still have all of the finishing to do, but this should not take too long! Very pleased with the results!

The pattern itself can be found on the site where they also sell the rulers: phillipsfiberart.com

Perhaps working with all these bright colors keeps me from thinking about the upcoming season and that four letter word…SNOW!

Have a bright day!




And all that goes with it! Shorter days, blustery days and gray sky days. This also means time for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, extra quilts, warm socks and quilting time.

The flooring is mostly done, just some molding to finish. Then of course really decorating and putting the room back together is on the list! So far, I am liking the look of things! It is nice to change things up from time to time.

Luanne and I were fortunate enough to go away for a weekend retreat with some ladies from our quilt guild. We really had a great time getting to know and build friendships with these ladies. We were silly and serious, and of course supported each others air stitching and un sewing. There may be a couple pictures to share… some items we were both working on were of the gifting variety, so we will use care in not sharing those! We both made progress, and we both hit walls. Parts at home, on the counter. Parts left on the cutting table at home. What were we to do? Go to the local quilt shop! Buy more projects!! And we did!

I started a new quilt using a 60 degree triangle, and some Tabby Road – Tula Pink Fabrics. It will be a nice throw size! One day I had picked up the fat quarter pack, and the next day found a pattern that worked out perfectly. The quilt is from a book called A Modern Twist by Natalie Barnes. I had to sew a few strips together, and most all of the cutting is complete. I think it will be a fun piece to work on. The book can be found HERE.

Now that I am settling back into my sewing room (after a wee bit of unpacking), I am working to finish a project that I started during retreat. Most all of the blocks are now done and ready to be laid out and then sewn together.

Then there is this project on the longarm now:

I am about an hour or so away from finishing the quilting. I need to get this done as there a few other pieces that need to meet the big machine.

And then.. a Purrfect Challenge quilt to finish soon! And then… this sentence could go on for a very long time!

Stay warm and think cozy!


Time flies?


when you are having fun?

or when you are up to your neck in life and projects!!!

I am.. having fun and up to my neck – like at chin level, in projects. But it is a good thing.

Since attending the Madison Quilt show, I have kept myself going and going… Time with family, sewing, and home improvement!

I have myself hooked on the spiral table runner… I now have two sewn together, yet on quilted. One in fall fabrics and one in Japanese Taupes. They are fun to cut as well as fun to sew. I have two more cut out to sew when I go on retreat in a couple of weeks.

It is just fun to watch these come to life. Of course it also fun to work on something that comes together relatively quickly and is so very enjoyable.

My thought for quilting is to find the backings I want to match each one, sew all 4 together and load them at one time on the longarm. Easy right? I hope so. They wont need anything fancy, as the design speaks for itself!


So, what’s a girl to do when she buys crazy wonderful oversized chairs???? make pillows to match! I purchased both chairs from Facebook Marketplace from the very woman who covered them. They were hers until she got something else. Love them. They make me happy. The chairs are a part of a rearranging plan that I have. My dining table will go into a section of the living room. These chairs will fit in front of the fireplace. Looking forward to sitting in a chair, with coffee, my kindle and a fire.

Just some free motion on a quilt sandwich!

Of course… I did say part of a plan…. that means that the living room flooring will need to be finished before things can fully fall into place. I can see it.. just can’t do it yet!

Oh, and Saturday sewing tomorrow..

Have a great weekend!




Chaos before the beautiful calm, this is where my life is right now. I want so much to be in my sewing room relaxing and creating. I have a list a mile long that needs to be done before Christmas, yet I can’t get much done. Construction has continued at my house. The whole thing got new plumbing, which meant a ceiling had to be taken out. We also had a new tub and shower put in an upstairs bathroom, along with turning a small bedroom into my master suite bathroom. This means there is a new hole in my bedroom wall going into the new bathroom. Everything is moving along nicely with a few unexpected twists, such as a bat flying around the livingroom. I don’t do bats. I promptly packed up and stayed elsewhere until said bat was removed and released back outside where it belonged. Add to this making a new desk for my sewing table. Pam found a desk at a resale shop that lends itself to a wonderful sewing desk. My son came over last night to see what the project entailed and will cut a hole and build a shelf on it so my machine can be dropped in and I can have a nice flat sewing surface. In the meantime I have cleaned out my old desk and have piles in my sewing room. Needless to say not much sewing is getting done. Soon, everything will come together and it will be beautiful and I will be happily sitting in my sewing room with peace and order around me. Until then there is a binding that is calling me to hand stitch it down before guild next week. I will try and relax with that this weekend.


Quilt Expo II


I too had an awesome time with this fun group of women! So, much laughter!

We were a creative bunch as well when it came to our food for the day. Debbie made an awesome breakfast for in the car! Mandarin oranges and a mini bratwurst quiche! Lunch: Jar pasta salads loaded with good stuff from pasta and chicken to spinach. Fruit and Rice Krispie Treats for dessert! Awesome!! Dinner was at a Longhorn Steakhouse which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Lion King Exhibit was also my favorite!! And I have a bunch of pictures to share. How do you pick a favorite? I could not. They were all amazing! So much talent and creativity! So very grateful that I got to see this!

All, so very well done!! These were just SOME of them!

A couple of treasures of fabric followed me home. No gadgets or templates sucked me in this time.. I did pick up a pattern that stood out to me for a Diva Wallet. Versatile and so cute! Read about it here. Do, stop there and look! So many wonderful patterns!!




Quilt Expo


Quilt shows are so good for motivation. You are surrounded by other people passionate about what you are, there are vendors carrying all those beautiful fabrics that lure us in, and of course there are the quilts.

Yesterday Pam, her daughter Tori, and another friend of ours Deb hopped in the car and headed to Madison. I don’t remember the last time I laughed as much as I did during our time together. It was good for the soul.

My favorite exhibt this year was the Lion King challenge put on by Cherrywood fabrics. They were small wall quilts that were absolutely awesome. I wish I could post pictures. The talent these quiltmakers have truely humbles me. You can check it out here http://cherrywoodfabrics.bigcartel.com/king-of-the-jungle-challenge

I made a few purchases that I am excited about. There is some real fun fabric made with sequins that I bought from the Vouge booth. I’m not quite sure what I will do with it yet, but it will turn into a gift for my daughter Mahrya, perhaps a pillow.

Olfa has come out with a rotary blade that is supposed to last twice as long as their other blade. I’ll let you know what I think after I try it.

I also picked up some fabric for the BWR collaboration quilt. We made the exchange for that and will soon be starting on section A2.

I would love to spend the day in my sewing room, but today will be spent with family celebrating my grandson Jason’s 4th birthday. Sewing will wait as we have fun with this wonderful little boy.

There is much going on at my house that has the potential to keep me from sewing.

We are remodeling the old bathroom, and turning a small bedroom into a new bathroom. These guys are working hard and fast to get it done. We were without water Friday and part of Saturday. Lucky for me all I needed to do is ask Pam if we could have a sleepover friday night and I was good to go! Thanks Pam!!

As I close I ask you to keep FL in your prayers as Irma hits them today and in the time after as the clean up takes place.