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Let The Shenanigans Begin!


Welcome to Quilting Shenanigans!!

As our header says, we are two old friends who quilt. Whenever possible we get together to sew, take a road trip, talk fiber and color and patterns. Apparently we think we have something to share with others, and so here we are. Our approach to quilting is “none too serious” While we are passionate about the art, we approach things in a lighthearted manner.

We come from two women (our Mom’s) who spent many hours of their lives at their sewing machines, strolling fabric stores fondling fabrics, and in their doing so, set us both up for a life time of “fiber addiction”. When you are little and toddling along behind Mom, and she is walking from bolt to bolt touching each one, that is precisely what you do! Somewhere along the line it sticks. Of course there is a bit of cooing that goes along with this petting.

Lighthearted approach? What does that mean?

Of course we honor and appreciate those who quilt and design. Many have gone before us with some time honored traditional patterns. Thank you! Most of us start there… Squares, triangesl and rectangles! Remember that Geometry class in High School that you were never going to use in your “real life”? Well that was our story.. don’t think either of us completed that class.  It really is about what speaks to us at any given time whether that is fabric that calls out to us, or some design element we can’t wait to try out. While there are templates and patterns and many fabulous designs out there, they are a gateway to more possibilities. All of these are opportunities to stretch beyond, and create something that is unique to each of us.

So glad you will be joining us on this adventure!

Pam & Luanne

From Pam: Note the tease below! This was a corner beam block that I played with. I will follow up in the next few days with details on how I created this.