Not Snake Oil!


I am one of those people who is quilt easily taken in by the latest thing. Back in the day I may have bought snake oil! I go to the State Fair, and love going through the exhibit hall to listen to the various vendors hocking their wares. I have bought mops and brooms and all other matter of things that promise to make my life that much easier. I am a Gadget Girl.

So, imagine if you will, someone like me at a Quilt Show! Crazy about the latest and greatest gadgets! Last fall I attended the quilt show in Madison. I am drawn in by a very enthusiastic demonstrator from Studio 180. There are templates! Ooodles of them. All packaged so pretty, examples made up. Ways to make Flying Geese (Wing Clipper) that come out right! I was hooked. It was difficult to make a choice. My bag became heavier with the Flying Geese and Corner Beam Templates.

The example below is what I refer to as a “Study on the Corner Beam”. It will be a part of a Collaboration Quilt effort that Luanne and I have going. Basically, using the template with detailed instructions, I created corner beams in varying sizes. Each block was sewn together with beams going off in varying directions. PLAY!! And for good measure, I threw in some scraps leftover scraps to create the bottom right section.


Below is a shot of the template. There are step by step instructions included, and multiple sized blocks when using it.

wpid-20150204_091949-1.jpg wpid-20150204_092114-1.jpg
While there are traditional quilts that can be made using this template, I chose to go a different direction. Pull out a half-dozen fabrics and just experiment. Throw the project on your design wall and play.

No Snake Oil! This is a fun tool, that certainly enabled me to produce an accurate block!


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