One Block Wonder


imageSpending time sewing blocks and adding them to the design wall is both relaxing and exciting.  With each block that is sewn there is a search for just the right place in the quilt to place it.  I love these kalidescope blocks.  They are all cut and placed into little stacks.  I choose one to sew and marvel at each unique block as it comes together.  This quilt is so unique each time, and with the cubes there are endless possibilities to how it will turn out.  It’s like opening a present each time you sew a block and place it in the quilt.  I find my design wall is so very important in the design process.  As I place blocks on it, I can step back and get a better view of how all the colors are playing together.  I let the quilt stay up and look at it in different lights throughout the day.  I can see if a block is not playing nice with its neighbors and move it to a new location.  Finally, I take the blocks, one by one, to my sewing machine and put the top together.  Above is a picture of my quilt in progress up on my design wall.  Some of the block may yet change place, but I love the way it is coming together.


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