Wrapped in love


imageWhy is it that weekends go so fast and the rest of the week can drag?  This weekend was filled with a few hours at my job on Saturday, followed by shopping for a baby shower gift, going to my grand daughters basketball game and finally out to dinner with the family after the game.  And that was all on Saturday!  I finally got home about 8 in the evening and headed into my sanctuary…..my sewing room.  While in there, just looking at my fabric, I decided that the purchased baby items just were not enough.  I need to make this baby a quilt.  Mind you this shower is next weekend, so the question is what to do.  I pulled out all my baby flannels.  I just love the soft cuddly feel of them.  Knowing I have a week to complete this quilt I set to work.  Yellow Brick Road is a quick pattern for a baby quilt, so it was decided, that is what I would do.  By 10:00 I had it cut and mostly pieced with thoughts of finishing  the top on Sunday leaving the rest of the week to machine quilt and bind it.  Sunday came and went with my son bringing the kids over and spending the day.  I love having them here, yet it puts me a day behind.  I’m thinking I will have to get up just a little earlier every day to get some sewing time in before work.  I ask myself why I do this to myself, why couldn’t my purchased gifts be enough.  The answer, I am a quilter who believes every little one coming into my world needs to be wrapped in the love of a home made quilt.  Here are the parts waiting for me to get up early in the morning to finish the top.  Before this week is over I will post a picture of the finished quilt.

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