And I am not talking Cookie Crumbs either!


A Great way to make a Valentine is on fabric. As shown above I made a Crumb Heart using this tutorial from Bonnie Hunters site. She has a number of free patterns under the tab with that name.

Crumbs and Schnibbles are both names for those little bits of fabric that I can’t bear to part with. As a matter of practice, once I complete a project, I take the time to put away all the leftover parts. Anything a fat quarter and larger goes back into the cabinet. Parts smaller than that get cut down into varying sizes that I commonly use. After that, the little parts get tossed into bins that are labeled in 4 Categories: Light, Bright, Medium and Dark.

Every now and again, I pull out these bins and just play with what is in there by randomly sewing pieces together or by piecing them onto a foundation of phone book paper cut to a specific size.

The work above was made from a leftover heart. I made a number of them for the wall hanging below. All of the hearts were framed out by a vintage looking Valentine’s fabric that was in the stash. The hearts disappear a bit in this fabric and gives it kind of a neat mosaic look. It makes your eyes do some work!

The quilting is freemotion around the design of the fabric and hearts. For a binding, consider using an odd fabric in your stash that might just add a little detail.


What are you waiting for? Use up the little bits if you can’t bear to part with them!


Here’s a little something shown on my quilting frame. I will be sharing the whole quilt soon. I am just waiting for the arrival of a special little boy first.



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