Slow Down!


Yesterday morning, bright and early, I was back in my sewing room ready to tackle the next phase of the baby quilt.  Have you ever pieced your batting?  I have a closet full of pieces that were just not quite big enough for this little quilt, so the logical thing to do is join two pieces.  I do this by layering the two pieces and cutting a gentle wavy line.  The pieces match perfectly.  I like to proceed by whip stitching the edges together. .  Here you can see the sewn together edges.imageLayering and pinning was my next step.  With a little quilt like this it was done in no time at all.imageFinally I was ready to take it to my machine and do some machine quilting.  As I need it done for this weekend, I decided to just do a very easy meander and call it a day.  I worked for a little while and then had to run off to work.  I couldn’t wait to get back home and get back at it.  I rushed through making dinner and cleaning up so I could have some more fun.  One thing to consider is not to rush, bad things happen when you do.  A word of advice, make sure there is nothing else on your sewing table when you put the quilt on it, or you may have to spend some time with your seam ripper.imageThat pretty piece of blue fabric is no longer attached to the back of the baby quilt. You’ll be happy to know the quilting did indeed get finished. The binding is made and I am putting it on this morning.

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  1. Very nice! Yes, I piece batting. Usually I make sure I have two straight-line edges and then run them through the machine, butted together, with a wide zig-zag. There are some other methods that I’ve used, too, depending on circumstances.

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