When a Crazy Quilt Meets Batman!




Bam! Pow! Zowie!

Okay, what’s that have to do with anything? Take a look at the center of each of the blocks. Crazy Quilt templates were used in the creation of the above pillow as well as the table runners shown below. While I would love to make an entire crazy quilt, it just hasn’t come together yet. The crazy quilt templates are great for use with Novelty fabrics. Frame out what you would like to feature with solid fabrics.

I ordered my set of Crazy Quilt Templates from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. These templates are a great starting place when you are not really sure what where to start. Think  pillows and table runners and so on. You can have a couple of blocks going at one time, and work on them by chain piecing one in front of the other.


There are 4 sizes of templates included with a set: 4″, 6″, 9″ and 12″, as well as fantastic instructions on how to get started with these templates.

Here are a couple of table runners made using  the templates. The Halloween runner was fun to embellish with the rarely used fancy stitches on my sewing machine.



Think of the possibilities a set of templates can bring when it meets up with your stash!




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