How do you choose which project to work on at any given time?  I have four, what I would call active projects right now.  This by no means is the number of unfinished projects I have.  I have patterns that I really want to get at, I have kits, both that I have purchased and that I have put together myself, and I have UFOs.  In my world a kit does not become a UFO until I have started cutting the fabric.  Sometimes I start cutting and another project comes to the forefront for some reason or another.  I may box up a quilt in progress and put it away for a while.  Back to where I started, the four I am actively working on.  As I have blogged about recently, there is my One Block Wonder which is up on my design wall.  I love this quilt, I love watching it come together as I sew each block and add it to the design wall.  I have a lap sized Christmas quilt.  The plan was to get it done before this past Christmas.  It is pieced, pinned, and partially quilted.  I plan on getting that one done in the next week or two.  It will be all ready to use next Christmas.  Snowmen are a whole winter thing right?  The snowman wall hanging I made last fall is also pinned and ready to quilt, if I work quickly I can still use it this winter. I have four more weeks before spring is here, yeah, it’s possible.  The last active quilt I am working on is a collaboration quilt Pam and I are working on which you will be hearing lots more about as we proceed.  As for now, my sewing machine is calling me….which project will I work on?


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