Double Wedding Ring Part 1



I have forever and always wanted to learn to make a double wedding ring quilt. I never really took the time to figure it out though. Then, some great circumstances all came together to make learning this in a creative way possible. First Victoria Findlay Wolfe was coming out with a new Book: “Double Wedding Ring Quilts, Traditions Made Modern”

And Second: The Wisconsin Quilt Museum was hosting Victoria to teach a 2 day class this past January. After already having taken the 15 Minutes of Play workshop in 2014, I eagerly signed up.

It occurred to me that I could make this a very special quilt in honor and memory of my very special Mom. She created and instilled in me my love for all things sewing and knitting. Many years ago we were sewing together, she on Dresden Quilt blocks to make a quilt for me, and I was working on a twin sized quilt for my daughter. Sadly neither of these quilts were ever finished. I incorporated one of the blocks my Mom made at the center of my DWR, and took a “Cut It Up”  approach (a Victoria thing!) to the other quilt and pulled various elements out for this quilt. Keep in mind that these were fabrics from the 80’s! Remember? Sage Green, Dusty Rose, Williamsburg Blue, Peach. Dated fabrics, and really not a favorite anymore. How could I make them work today? I pulled and purchase modern fabrics that had some of these colors, which also pulled in other colors. These new fabrics were bolder in scale and color.

Below is the start to my quilt on the design at class.


There were many talented women in this group, each making a unique DWR. They were all so different. Victoria was there to help each of us find our way and using her Creative Eyes, she helped us tweak our creations.




Enjoy the Day and Look for Part 2!


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