Yesterday was a day off of work and in the sewing room.  I accomplished so much and am feeling very motivated.  I switched off working on my One Block Wonder, and quilting the Christmas quilt.  I was so pleased to get that Christmas quilt all quilted and the binding on and ready to hand stitch down. With the frigid temperatures outside I think that will be a wonderful thing to do tonight after dinner.imageThe snowman wall hanging is now being quilted as well.  It feels so good to be finishing projects.  I really love to have a piecing project at one machine, and the other set up for machine quilting.  I can go back and forth and not  get bored.  Sometimes I think I have quilting ADD.  I am always wanting to start on something new and flip between projects.  I love the thrill of sinking my teeth into something new.  When I finally do finish something I feel a deep sense of satisfaction.  imageMaybe by the end of this weekend I will have a few things complete so I can start something new!  I have an idea about what that may be, but that is for another time!


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