Double Wedding Ring Part 2


The class was fantastic, and even though I didn’t fully know where I was going with this I was excited to keep at it.
The idea of the class was that you would create a quilt by making four rings that would then be mounted to a complementary background fabric. I kind of felt that my story with this quilt called out for something larger, and more use of the blocks and fabric I had.  So I decided to make this 9 rings. 
I just kept working section by section and the process of sewing curves became more natural. My earlier attempts were not nearly so successful but with the great instruction that the class provided, I was able to move my skills forward.   


There were some spaces that cried out for some kind of detail and this is where I added in some crazy quilt stitches on my sewing machine. I did different stitches in colors pulled from the quilt.


I free motion quilted the various spaces on the quilt.  My daughter’s always called my Mom Rose even though her name was Millie. There are many roses quilted into the rings of this little quilt. 
And then there was a bump on the head…
After quilting and leaving a trail of thread debris under my desk.  I got down on the floor to clean to clean a bit, and on my way back up my head made contact with this shelf.  Don’t ever let it be said that a quilter does not suffer for their art!


Double Wedding Ring Part 3 coming soon!

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