On my quilting journey I set goals and follow a roadmap of sorts.  I map out where I would like to go, what projects I would like to create.  Sometimes I make lists of what I want to get done.  This last weekend, my roadmap had me finishing both the Christmas quilt and the snowman hanging.  What I have learned is when you take a trip, and follow a map, you have to be ready for  detours.  My “detour” this weekend was spending lots of time with 5 of my grandchildren.  We had a wonderful weekend together.  In the midst of it, I was able to finish the binding on the Christmas quilt while we watched a movie, and I worked just a bit on a grandmother’s flower garden that I have been slowly putting together over the years.  The kids were quite interested in that project.  I did not get to work on the snowman wall hanging at all.  It’s important to me to embrace the detours, be they family time, or a quick new project that takes me to a new destination.  I never want to get so set on the roadmap I create that I forget to stop and enjoy all the special times along the journey.  The snowman is waiting for me, and I have wonderful memories of a weekend spent with some wonderful children.


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