Yesterday I worked on three different quilts and I finally finished one!  The snowman wall hanging is done and ready to hang……next winter.  I am thinking about adding some hot fix crystals to the blue background to make it look like it is snowing, but as for now I can check this one off the to do list.image



I also worked on the never ending One Block Wonder that is still hanging on my design wall.  I have about half the rows sewn together.  It is a tedious job as I leave it on the wall and take one block off at a time to add it to the row I am working on.  I do it this way so I don’t inadvertently mix up where a piece should go.  It does give me exercise as I sew though!

Since I finished the Christmas quilt, it was time to get another thing going.  I pulled out a quilt top that needed quilting.  It is a huge project and will probably take me a good long while.  I am determined to enjoy the process and not be too hard on myself as I work on honing my machine quilting skills.  Here is a quick picture of the beast I am quilting.image

I’m sure these projects will keep me busy for quite some time.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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    • Thank you! I can’t take total credit as I used the colors of the original pattern designer, Judy Martin. I fell in love with the way the pattern was presented.


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