A Quilt Bears All



Oh Yes they can!

Many quilters will tell you of how quilting has become their therapy! Our joys, tears, memories, frustration, sorrow and even anger can be stitched literally into these creations. Quilts are a creative expression that are sometimes designed to show our journey of love or loss. The path to where we are now. A Journal in a different way.

I can’t help but think that my quilt bore my frustration and anger yesterday. I wasn’t piecing, so there were no mismatched pieces, no missing triangle points, and no crazy inaccurate seams.

I am machine quilting a queen sized quilt that I have big hopes for. It will be a “special” quilt for me. There are snippets of everything thrown into this quilt. Holidays and ants, and fruits and veggies. Batman, flowers, peace signs and so much more. There are old fabrics that carry memories, and new fabrics from friends scraps and stashes. Now I am discovering that my stitches are so much more than simply stitches. They carry my emotions as well.

During the process of the free motion quilting yesterday, I broke 3 Needles!  3!  I broke the top thread on my machine more times than I can count. At one point I yelled at my machine to Work! I even went to my sewing machine manual to the Troubleshooting section to figure out just what was wrong with the machine. There really wasn’t anything technically wrong with the machine… the manual did say that trying to sew too fast or pulling the fabric could cause needle or thread breakage. Hmmmm! And then I paused, slowed my roll, relaxed my shoulders, and gently guided my fabric. Amazing!! No more broken needles or the need to re thread my machine.

Our quilts (and machines) do bear what is going on in our lives. I think I owe my machine a cleaning and oiling and some tlc now.

I am grateful to have this medium as an expression of who I am.


P.S. Tori, C*#e is a four letter word!  Love from Mom!

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