A Special Quilt Request


While quilting is my passion, and I have family who perhaps appreciates it, I don’t always know if it is their thing. I can be very excited about a particular template, color combination, pattern or fabric. Others don’t get it. Unless of course they too are quilters.

A few months ago, my step-son had asked if I could make him a quilt using some t-shirts. Not just any t-shirts. He has been on staff for Badger Boys State for quite a  number of years. Once upon a time he was a participant between his junior and senior years of high school. As he annually takes a week to volunteer for this program, he had a handful of shirts I could use.

I tried to creatively use the t-shirts, knowing there would be a bit of fabric needed to be added. I cut as large a section as I could of each shirt, and then backed it with a lightweight fusible interfacing so they would no longer have any stretch. After that I used a jumbo diamond template to make a total of eight diamonds which formed my star. Then, they needed to be set into a background.


From there many of the fabrics are patriotic or Wisconsin themed. I found a use for some of my Wisconsin Shop Hop fabrics!! I have kept it pretty basic, and made 12 inch finished sized blocks to border the star. Some were pieced, and many were just 12″ squares.


I planned this quilt so that when it is placed on the bed, and the sides drop down, the blocks can be viewed straight on.

So here’s to another top pieced, quilting success and clearer pictures when the quilt is finished!!


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