A Welcome and Happy Easter!



Welcome to those who jumped in to follow us! We greatly appreciate it!

Just sharing a couple of Spring or Easter related things today. While it is a great notion to think that I could decorate for all seasons and holidays, it simply doesn’t happen for me. Some years, yes, and this Easter, not so much. It has been a busy time. I just took the Valentine’s quilted wall hangings down yesterday, and still have a box of Christmas things that have yet to make it to storage where they belong! Gasp! That is my life right now – and am very grateful to have my reasons for being busy!

A couple years back Luanne was buying material to make some Easter table centers. I was with her and jokingly told her to make one for me! A couple weeks later it showed up in my mail box! How awesome is that! So, I pulled that out and added a couple of other things to create a little vignette!

wpid-20150401_105058.jpgI added a small wall hanging from a couple of years back where I used some of my 1930’s reproduction fabrics. wpid-20150401_105105.jpg



The tea cup filled with flowers is for a wedding shower centerpiece.

And the flowers for this centerpiece? All made from Coffee Filters! I love to take something intended for one purpose and create something completely different. The Groom’s Mom and I spent an afternoon together creating these. Check out Pinterest for tutorials on how they were created. There are many methods, and these really are pretty easy.

Easter and Spring  Blessings!



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