The Right Tool for the Job! My Recent Favorites!


Sometimes just the right tool makes a job that much easier. I learned that when I was out at Luanne’s and she helped me to pin baste a quilt almost a couple of months ago now. I had seen this Kwik Klip Tool, but had no idea what a difference it could make. After all, how hard is it to close up a few hundred or so safety pins? As quilters, we are used to sacrificing our fingers for the art right?  This is not a new tool. I have seen it for years. The Kwik  Klip makes this somewhat dreaded job go that much faster and easier with less wear and tear on the hands. As an alternative, check out the other favored item that Luanne used….. Yes, a grapefruit spoon!

kwik clip   grapefruit spoon


Both Effective Tools!!

My final favorite is another tool recommended by Luanne (thank you for the recommendations and the blog post idea!)


These are amazing and wonderful multi-purpose gloves, that work very well for machine quilting. Just the finger tips have the gripping dots – on both sides. There is no right or wrong way to wear the gloves. I was in need of some new gloves, and thought I would give these a try. I think it is best for them to fit snugly, but not tight. I bought a small and it is perfect. While threads still tend to want to stick to these, it is not as bad as with other gloves I have tried. I could keep them on to re thread the needle on my sewing machine. Normally that would not have happened. These gloves are widely available from Amazon to Wal-Mart to office supply places.

4-16-2015 7-31-27 AM


The “Right Tool for the Job” has certainly made my quilting that much easier!

Happy Quilting!

Happy Weekend!


Luanne, any other features you like about these?

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  1. Glad you got these tools Pam! I can use either the Quick Clip or the beloved grapefruit spoon equally well. My mom taught me the grapefruit spoon trick many many years ago, and the Quick Clip I just bought on a whim to try and love that too!

    The gloves are awesome! I love it that they fit snug, give me good control and I can take out safety pins as I am quilting without taking the gloves off. They work great!


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