Couldn’t Help Myself! Weekend Decadence!


These days, I carry a notebook (this is not my norm) of lists of things that need to be accomplished. Aside from deadlines for a couple of quilts, my daughter is getting married at the end of June. We are doing a lot of things ourselves, and the notebook has helped to keep me on task.

Well, I couldn’t stand it anymore! I really like to be the kind of quilter that just goes into my room and decides at that moment what I am going to work on.  My schedule has simply not allowed that. Insert sad face. So, after finishing the wedding invitations, I felt like a little play time was in order.

What does that mean? Scrap bins!! I just start sewing scraps together randomly and when they roughly reach a certain size I pull out a template. This time it was the hexagon using the largest size which I think finishes at 5″.


And here is what some of the play brought about:


How will I lay them out? As flowers with a different center that is not pieced? Will it be a solid? Will they be grouped or single hexagons floating?

Here are a couple of backgrounds that I tried just for the fun of it. I will wait for the design to speak to me as I don’t tend to work well with too much advanced planning. That stresses me out!



Not really sure what I am going for. Just auditioning ideas. I think this will require a design wall and a lot of staring at it! Another day! Back to the lists in the notebook for now!

A much needed gentle rain falling now. Bring on the flowers!


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