Plan B


My life has been chaotic lately with lots of fun activities.  My daughter and her 4 children were with us for two weeks.  Much of my free time was spent with those wonderful grandchildren and not quilting.  They have left and one would think it was time to sew.  Not quite yet.  I have a son and his wife that will be staying with us soon as they move from the state of Washington to Wisconsin.  I feel blessed to have them, so much so that I am giving up my sewing room to give them a place to stay until they get a place of their own.  I spent the better part of last weekend packing up my fabric, books, patterns and projects and relocating my sewing machine to a corner of the living room. imageI was excited to sit down and get back to quilting.  Everything was set, but my foot pedal would not work!  Upon investigation I found that the machine is definately going to need to visit the repair shop.  I was so sad and quickly sat down to pour out my frustrations to Pam.  Pam has this wonderful way of helping me to see how to turn my misfortune into an opportunity.  She encouraged me to get out my other sewing machine (the one I piece with)  and get to work on something else.  She’s right.  I have no deadline to finish quilting the other quilt I was working on.  I quickly did what she suggested and am on to Plan B.  I will take this opportunity to finish up the appliqué quilt that has been waiting in the wings.image  I am even contemplating getting out the quilt I have been planning on hand quilting…… What started out to be a frustrating night has turned around with new opportunities.  Thanks Pam, for helping me adjust my attitude and getting excited about doing something else!


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