Dear Nancy, Thanks for the Catalog! And more.


Not too long ago, this happened to my Nancy’s Notions Catalog. And now this beauty came in the mail for me:


I have not had the chance to peruse it yet, but rest assured, it is not left on the kitchen island for my doggies to get into!  The cover does lure you in with all those great colors, doesn’t it? Thanks Nancy!

Dabbling with making a dress for myself. I have not done this kind of thing for years. Not something that will need to be fitted. Slippery slope! It has to fit! And so I have been watching YouTube videos on making a muslin, measuring and altering… even toying with the idea of purchasing a dress form. However, that could make for one expensive dress if I add that into the cost!

Sometimes the map has to change… we have all experienced it. We have things mapped out. We have a plan! And by God that plan will work! OR NOT! And so our map has to change. Just like Luanne’s post the other day about how her machine was no longer working, and needed to go in for repair. But, she was quilting away… finishing a project instead of starting another new one!! Thud! Sometimes, we have no choice but to keep on the path, especially if there were a deadline involved. But, sometimes, a new opportunity presents itself… Plan B or C, or D and so on.

Here is a cute printable I came across. Thinking it needs to be printed, framed, and on a wall in my sewing room!

Plan a

Moving on! Enjoy the day!




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