Getting back to my quilting after a break is always so refreshing. I usually come back with a vengeance and just want to do nothing but sew.  Now that I am in the workforce after many many many years being a home maker, I no longer have that luxury.  I have to budget my time now.  I have to carve out little bits of quilting time, and let me tell you, I treasure those times!!  The sewing machine that I quilt on is now at the shop, hopefully it will not be there too long!  In the mean time I am making half square triangles, 256 of them to be exact.  They will become the sashing in my appliqué quilt.  There are many ways to make half square triangles.  I don’t always use the same method.  This time I have chosen to use Thangles.  They are very simple to use and very accurate.  You simply cut two fabric strips 1/2 inch bigger than your desired finished Half square triangle and lay the Thangles paper on top of the strips which are right sides togetherand pin in place.image

Take the pinned pieces to you sewing machine and stitch on the dotted lines.image

if you remember to put the light colored fabric on top when you cut them apart and press them, the seam will be pressed towards the dark fabric.  One little Thangles sheet makes six half square triangles.  I like it that I can make many different combinations, as I like a scrappy look.

now that I’ve written about it, I am going off to my little corner of the living room and sew some more!


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  1. Luanne, this is Pam’s sister. I want to thank you so much for introducing me to Thangles. I was really struggling with doing the half square triangles and they make them so easy to do. Also for sharing about the Seam-fix seam ripper. I wonder what other gadgets Pam is keeping secret from us???


  2. Diane, I think I may have to go over and more thoroughly check out her sewing room for other goodies she has kept from us!!😇


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