Another Quilt Started! Wedding Guest Book



Somewhat quickly is approaching is my daughter’s wedding! Big Excitement, and many lists!! Instead of a traditional guest book, we opted for something quilty, and something that makes sense to someone like me. What did you do with your wedding guest book? Was it packed away in a cedar chest or bin? Did you EVER look at it again?

I had spent some time looking for patterns or a design for signature quilts, and yes there are some ideas out there, but I can’t usually play by the rules ( follow a pattern). I take comfort in doing things randomly, and not following a plan, yet I still wanted to make this quilt as something the bride and groom would like. This meant that there was a trip to a quilt shop. Darn hey? With my daughter in tow, we headed out to a place that I knew would have a great variety of not so traditional fabrics. We headed off to Juneau to J & A Stitches. I had visited their booths at numerous quilt shows, and saw a great representation of their goods which included many landscape fabrics, large graphic florals and a new favorite – Kaffee Fassett. Juneau is the county seat of Dodge County in Wisconsin. This quaint, yet well stocked shop, is located in the middle of nowhere on a farm. Roughly a 25 minute drive from my house, and well worth the trip! My daughter is artistic, and I thought it would be fun to watch her make the choices of fabrics. Seeing as how this is a quilt for a couple, she did not want to go too girly! She found some great fabrics that had some appearance of texture and movement.

I recently pulled out the fabrics and came up with a loose plan. I tend to like working with something that has some structure, but leaves the door open for possibilities as it comes together. I needed to use the light fabric to accommodate signatures on the blocks and wanted to have enough room if the signor wanted to add a message to the bride and groom. I do like to paper piece using phone book paper as my foundation. I cut numerous squares from paper, and varying width fabric strips. My light fabric, as well as the black were the only ones that remained constant in width. The others were cut in 1 1/2″ and 2″ widths. The placement of the white and black will be the same on each block, as well as the browns will always be on the outer corner. From there, each block has a bit of variety as to which blues were used where. I randomly pull the strips from my spaghetti like fabric pile and sew them to each block. I work on 2 blocks at one time, chain piecing them together. Here is the what the results are so far:





Guests will be asked to sign a block when they enter the hall. Later, when this Mom has some time to recover after the wedding, I will sew the blocks together in a way that is pleasing to my eye, and get it quilted up.

I envision this quilt on the back of the couch, or in a basket of blankets being used often for snuggle time on chilly Wisconsin evenings.

Back to it!


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  1. Sigh . . . . I LOVE the selection of fabric. Not ‘girly’ – something both husband & wife can enjoy. I, for one, cannot wait to see the finished project. Great idea and definitely something to enjoy for years to come. I doubt if this will end up hidden in a closet or drawer!


    • Really like it so far. She did a great job in her fabric selections! I should have her do that more often.


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