Quilt Show!


What a wonderful day yesterday was. The weather is finally getting warm, leaves are opening on the trees and there was a spring quilt show to go to!  Pam and I met for some much needed girl time just to get away from everything that presses us at our homes.  It was a small show, put on by a local quilt guild, but the quilts were wonderful!  I wish I could post a picture of the quilt that won best of show!  Pam and I were going up and down the rows and were admiring this particular quilt, wondering why we did not see a ribbon on it.  The quilting was fantastic and we were admiring it as close as we dared get without touching.  Then we found, if you went around the corner, we had been looking at the back of the quilt!!  I could not believe how wonderful this quilt was!

We wandered through the merchant mall, making purchases here and there and making friends with some of the vendors.  We tend to be outgoing and love talking with everyone. here is one little fun thing I found.wpid-20150503_161359.jpgIt is a fan that folds down real small to tuck into my purse. We discussed that it would be good to have during ones “power surges” aka hot flashes.  Or I can use it as a frisbee with with my grand kids in the house!  Here is another treasure I came across at another booth..image

This little beauty is called seam-fix.  It is a seam ripper with an end that gets out all those bothersome little pieces of thread left behind after you unsew a seam. Where has this little gadget been all my life?!  Apparently it has been around for a while, I just never learned about it till yesterday.  I am glad to have it, just not so excited about having to use it as that will mean I have made a mistake that needs fixing.  I do love gadgets!


Quilt show from Pam!

It is May already and this is the first quilt show that we have been able to attend this year. It was a small and local show which made it easy to get away for.

We did have a great time as we most usually do. I did get to catch up with my friend Elizabeth who has an online quilting site called Holliehocks. She sells online and at quilt shows. It was great to finally see her wares! She features precuts, sewing cases, buddy cases, notions, books and more.

As Luanne mentioned, we strolled the quilt show. There were all levels of quilts. I would say that there were more traditional quilts featured than Art or Contemporary/modern quilts. I was most taken by the fine quilting that was done by some of these artists! AMAZING!

I was scolded by Luanne for not telling her about the seam ripper she bought at the show. I am sure I did. The selling point for me was that at the end of the cap, there is a soft like eraser. It is  great for pulling out the tiny threads that are left after you rip a seam. It gets used at my house!

My find of the day was a little kit to make a phone or gadget stand. Imagine a fabric wedge filled with crushed walnut shells. I will make it up and get it posted. My phone is always with me at my sewing desk and it would be great to have a spot for it!

All for now!


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