A Gadget Cushion, Talk of Gadgets and Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Just a few highlights from yesterday!

At the quilt show we attended on Sunday, I had picked up a nifty little kit for a Gadget Cushion. I LOVE GADGETS! So, a nifty little item to maybe hold a gadget or two is all good in my book!  The Gadget Cushion Pattern can found Here. A website that I certainly want to spend more time looking at: quiltsmart.com

The pattern and directions are basically printed on fusible interfacing. You cut out the pattern, fuse to the back of your chosen fabric and follow the directions to create this cushion.



The only drawback for me was that it was a bit hard to read on the interfacing. For my own purposes, I copied the directions section onto white paper so my aging eyes could make out the print!

Have a leftover Layer Cake Square? That will put this little guy together!

wpid-20150506_170754.jpg wpid-20150506_170824.jpgwpid-20150506_170955.jpgwpid-20150506_170946.jpgwpid-20150506_171014.jpg

This was filled with Crushed Walnut Shells, which is supposed to keep the pins sharp.

This would also be a great spot to put the cell phone. At this time it was the gadget I was using to take the pictures!

Gadget Talk

I was scolded the other day for not telling Luanne about my seam ripper! Then to add to it.. my own sister gave me the what for about it!! So, I then shared with her one of my other favorite seam rippers. It is a Havel’s Seam Ripper. This is held like a pencil when you use it. It is a very sharp blade that cuts through the thread like butter I tell ya! Did I mention that it is very sharp? Great care when using is required. So wait until you have had some coffee before using.. but not too much!wpid-20150506_171627.jpg

The other item we discussed was a Sewing Machine Seam Guide. We got on the subject of accuracy, (sister and me)  and knowing when you really had a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I had recommend this item to her.


This can be found on Bonnie Hunters website, but I am have seen others that carry it. I use this tool in conjunction with this technique for a seam guide. Great patterns, blog, books, tutorials and more can be found at quiltville.com.

Lastly… we have cookies!

Chocolate Chip! Gluten Free! My sweet husband went in search of a Kitchenaid Mixer for me last weekend. He was successful in finding a new in the box red Kitchenaid 600P. It is a lot of mixer. As I eat gluten free, my options for breads and any other baked goods are somewhat limited. Almost all of the breads that are found at the grocery are frozen. This will expand my being able to eat fresher, and maybe a little cheaper gluten free items. I could not ignore his request for chocolate chip cookies using his Grandma’s recipe, after he was so kind as to bring this mixer home!


Make it a good one!


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  1. Love your gadget cushion!! You are quick! Any other cool gadgets you are keeping from me? By the way, those cookies look really good!


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