In the Thick of It! Just a Project or Three!


In the basement. .. we have this going on:


This is the Badger Boys State quilt promised to a son, and I am just below midway on the big star.





This is a Janome  1600P sewing machine on a New Joy quilting frame.  There has been a bit of a learning curve with this.  It is a Midarm machine. I am currently having issues with the thread breaking and have tried the whole re threading, checking the bobbin, changing the needle scenario.  I finally just walked away yesterday to take a break.  Perhaps the tension is to tight on my fabric or the whole project is too high or not level on the frame. I will try those options later.  No giving up.  This is a quilt with a deadline!

And upstairs we have this activity:


40 blocks done and a mere 75 to go!

Coming Soon. .. (hopefully), there will be a non quilty project being started.  This one will take me a bit out of my comfort zone!  Stay tuned!


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