Badger Boys Quilt Finish


So far this year, all of the quilts I have finished have been special. My Grandson Jackson received the first quilt finish this year. I used great care to pack the baby quilt so it would never leave my hands or presence. It went in my carry on and made the journey to California with me. I cuddled with that adorable little man under that quilt . So special!


My two other finishes were very personal goals. One quilt was special in that my thriftiness came to light in using a whole bunch of tiny scraps. It was designed by me in a process that I have only come to a very comfortable place with in the last year or so. No Pattern!! The second quilt is dedicated to my Mom. Old scraps, new scraps, memories and a great deal of meaning. More than that I have special plans for both of these quilts that I will reveal more about later. Exciting news for sure!

And now this most recent finish had been talked about before. The recipient has only been sent a small snap shot, and he was pleased! I cant wait for that final reveal. It is great to do a quilt for someone when they excitedly request it.


Adding the binding! Almost done!


Label added and and through the wash with a color catcher. 


More photos soon!


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    • A color catcher is a product I think that is also a Shout product. BasiCally it Catches any dyes that might come out of the fabrics durihg the washing process. Since I don’t prewash my fabrics I tend to be more concerned about fabrics in deep blues and reds like this quilt .


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