Passing the Torch


Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the evening with my sons fiancé helping her start her first quilt.  She has chosen to make a t-shirt quilt using her old high school t-shirts.  So far we have put a very light weight stabilizer on the backs and last night she cut them.  She is choosing to make various sizes and then we will sash them.  image

We need to audition different  sashing fabrics to see what color she wants.  I am trying my best to not influence her taste and style, so I was ecstatic when I asked her if she wanted one constant fabric as the sashing or many, and she answered many.  I love working with scrappy, and apparently so does she!  It is wonderful that she wants to work with me and I have hopes that just maybe she will get bitten with the quilt bug as deeply as me!


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