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Three New to Me as of yesterday gadgets!

Don’t want to be accused of holding out on anyone!!

I had Amazon gift cards to burn from my birthday earlier this month, and well, there were things I needed!

First off is this magnetic pin dish by Dritz complete with cover and a hidden storage compartment.


While I have not used this yet, I did look it over pretty well and am so far impressed! This is sturdy and well made, as well as a well thought out item. The top has an opening so that you can put pins back into the dish without having to take the lid off. It isn’t a fight to take the lid off.



Once the lid is off there is a grooved channel which makes it easier to remove the pins as needed.

There is a compartment below to store additional pins or needles or whatever gadget. It took a little bit to figure out how to access this compartment. the whole top slides and then lifts up. Then there is a notch to lift the lid! Well done! And reasonably priced at $8.99.


Next up was another pair of scissors that I did not own and require.

I am venturing into doing a bit of garment sewing. Starting back at the basics and hoping to work toward some artistic items. The scissors is a Havel’s 5 1/2″ Curved tip pair for sewing, quilting and embroidery. The advantage to the curved tip is less chance of cutting into something that you don’t want to when trimming seams and such. Who hasn’t cut into something that you worked hard on? I have not tried them yet, but have so far been very happy with my other 2 Havel’s products.

wpid-20150617_134444.jpg   wpid-20150617_134511.jpg

Lastly, and this might just be a favorite, is a combination pin cushion, bobbin and scissor holder. Not only is this cute, it is super functional. I have a favorite scissors I always use at the machine – a small pair of Ginghers. This will be a great spot to store them when not in use.  I usually piece my quilting in either white, off white/tan or a light gray. This will be a great spot to keep those colors. The last feature is a pin cushion – it is a little hard, but will certainly keep pins or needles in place.


This seems super handy. I did have some difficulty in putting this on my machine. The instructions said to put a drop of water on the suction cup and stick it on your machine. I was originally thinking that I wanted this on the side of my machine. The side of my machine is slightly textured and the suction cup would not stay. When I placed it on the front which is a smooth surface, it wasn’t going to go anywhere. I like the item enough that I would have pulled out some double sided tape to make it stay. I was not sure that I wanted it on the front, as that is where my extra feet are stored, however placing this gadget on the front did not get in the way of my access to the feet, so I am a happy camper!


How’s that for gadget goodness?


Exciting bits!!

Exciting bits!!

Since starting this blog I have shared two of my quilt finishes. Both of these special quilts had their beginnings in a Victoria Findlay Wolfe Class at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilting and Fiber Arts. The first class 15 Minutes of Play, was the start of this block:wpid-a-star.gif.gif


This block led to 8 more blocks! Because I just Couldn’t get enough of the “Y” seams! LOL! I put in 4 pre printed panels that needed to find a home. I had never set a quilt on the diagonal before. It required a bit of filling, and so I made that up as I went along.




Then there was the border. Another opportunity to use up scraps! In the end, this is how the quilt finished.


This last January I took a Double wedding Ring class from Victoria . wpid-20150217_082247.jpgwpid-2015-02-16-07.21.57.png.png

wpid-20150215_220159.jpgTwo days of learning to master sewing curves and working out my design. I was marrying some 1980’s fabrics with current fabric selections. A quilt started by Mom as well as a quilt started by me in the 80’s . Good memories of us sewing together. Mom’s favorites: Cardinals, angels, knitting, She was a woman of faith. All of these things were incorporated into this quilt called “For Rose”.  My Mom, named Millie, was named “Rose” by my daughter Sarah when she was about 2 years old. It stuck. This quilt is quilted throughout with a Rose design.wpid-dwr-for-rose-quilt.jpg.jpeg

The exciting news is that both of the quilts were entered into the Wisconsin Biennale Exhibit at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum and will be a part of an exhibit for Wisconsin artists from July 16 through the early part of October.

What an exciting opportunity this is for me and it makes me think that I am very ready to start another quilt!



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Birthday Event!


Besides being best friends for so many years, Pam and I also share a birthday month.  I like to tease Pam for the 13 days she is much much older than me.  We decided a few years ago to have birthday events, not a party.  This years event entailed meeting bright and early to head out to a favorite quilt shop of ours, Sew and Save of Racine, WI.  We love the personal service we get and the wonderful fabrics in the store.  Right now here in Wisconsin there is a state wide shop hop just beginning.  There is a fabric line dedicated to our state and I picked up a few pieces. What I will do with this fabric is anybody’s guess right now, but I needed some.  image After thoroughly enjoying ourselves at Sew and Save, we decided to head to a quilt shop we had never been to before.  Pam found the name of this shop on some shop hop information she had.  The shop is called Coins and Quilts and it is in West Allis, WI.  While the lighting in the shop is not great, they have a nice selection of fabric, we both found some that needed to join our stashes.  I bought some WI state fabric from last years line that I did not yet have, and Pam found some fun pieces too.  I may need to visit them again to pick up some of the batik fabric I am collecting for a future quilt. Lunch was next on the agenda and then heading home. But wait, is that a Greek festival we are driving by??  I really needed some baklava, so Pam graciously stopped.  One more stop at Penzeys spices on the way home and it was a complete day.  I love our birthday events, just getting to spend the day together, getting away from the pressures of everyday life is rejuvenating.  I also love the double wedding ring templates that Pam gave me as a gift.image I know just the fabric that needs to be turned into a double wedding ring, but that is for another day.


Cutest Card Ever!


I received this adorable card in the mail yesterday from my very sweet and talented sister Diane! love it! Over the years she has made some amazing cards, but this has to be up there as a favorite. There is so much detail!




It came all flattened out in the envelope! Love it!




And sometimes … Kittens happen!


Every now and again we are going along with our busy lives, and then suddenly we come across something unexpected ! Today I offer up kittens as my not planned for and totally unexpected event!
We live in the Country, and one of the things that comes with that is wildlife . There are numerous stories of pheasants and frogs, and possums, mice and skunks that I could offer up. However,today is a cute and fuzzy little gray kitten found here:


I went to use the hose from this hose reel box and noticed that there were a set of eyes staring back out at me! It was mama cat who quickly launched from the box and took off running. In general we have a good relationship with mama . We feed her and provide shelter and neck scratches. This was not her normal behavior by any stretch. I knew something was up and suspected she was hiding something.

There were 2 perfect little kittens under this box. Unfortunately I only got a good photo of one of them.



They have now been relocated to a safe place and will be cared for until we find them new homes.

more quilt news next time !