And sometimes … Kittens happen!


Every now and again we are going along with our busy lives, and then suddenly we come across something unexpected ! Today I offer up kittens as my not planned for and totally unexpected event!
We live in the Country, and one of the things that comes with that is wildlife . There are numerous stories of pheasants and frogs, and possums, mice and skunks that I could offer up. However,today is a cute and fuzzy little gray kitten found here:


I went to use the hose from this hose reel box and noticed that there were a set of eyes staring back out at me! It was mama cat who quickly launched from the box and took off running. In general we have a good relationship with mama . We feed her and provide shelter and neck scratches. This was not her normal behavior by any stretch. I knew something was up and suspected she was hiding something.

There were 2 perfect little kittens under this box. Unfortunately I only got a good photo of one of them.



They have now been relocated to a safe place and will be cared for until we find them new homes.

more quilt news next time !


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