Birthday Event!


Besides being best friends for so many years, Pam and I also share a birthday month.  I like to tease Pam for the 13 days she is much much older than me.  We decided a few years ago to have birthday events, not a party.  This years event entailed meeting bright and early to head out to a favorite quilt shop of ours, Sew and Save of Racine, WI.  We love the personal service we get and the wonderful fabrics in the store.  Right now here in Wisconsin there is a state wide shop hop just beginning.  There is a fabric line dedicated to our state and I picked up a few pieces. What I will do with this fabric is anybody’s guess right now, but I needed some.  image After thoroughly enjoying ourselves at Sew and Save, we decided to head to a quilt shop we had never been to before.  Pam found the name of this shop on some shop hop information she had.  The shop is called Coins and Quilts and it is in West Allis, WI.  While the lighting in the shop is not great, they have a nice selection of fabric, we both found some that needed to join our stashes.  I bought some WI state fabric from last years line that I did not yet have, and Pam found some fun pieces too.  I may need to visit them again to pick up some of the batik fabric I am collecting for a future quilt. Lunch was next on the agenda and then heading home. But wait, is that a Greek festival we are driving by??  I really needed some baklava, so Pam graciously stopped.  One more stop at Penzeys spices on the way home and it was a complete day.  I love our birthday events, just getting to spend the day together, getting away from the pressures of everyday life is rejuvenating.  I also love the double wedding ring templates that Pam gave me as a gift.image I know just the fabric that needs to be turned into a double wedding ring, but that is for another day.


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