Letting Go


I am learning to let go.  Last night my son’s fiancé came over to work on a quilt she is making.  She is new to the quilt world and I am really enjoying working with her.  As I prepare to to let my son go and start his new life with this young woman, I am given the gift of creating a wonderful relationship with her.  Emily chose to make a t-shirt quilt using t-shirts she had saved from high school.  image

We backed the shirts with a very light weight interfacing and just cut out different sized pieces.  She laid them out in an arrangement she liked and started auditioning fabrics she had chosen from my stash.  I love the fact that she wanted many different fabrics as I adore scrap quilts. Then came the next big letting go moment for me.  I am a pattern person.  To me there is safety in a pattern, you follow it closely and you end up with a beautiful quilt.  Pam has worked at encouraging me to let go a bit and let my quilts go where they want to.  In that light, Emily and I just started putting the quilt together not thinking too far ahead.  Each “roadblock” would become a design decision.  Emily was excited to get a few blocks together by the end of our evening of quilting.image

She also started to sew on my machine, a new thing for her.  It looks like this letting go thing, both of my son, and my quilting “rules”, is going to turn out wonderful.



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