When Life Gives You Scraps…


Sort them!

Not too long ago I attended a small, local flea market. I am always a sucker for quilting scraps! While they are someone else’s leftovers, they are a whole boat load of possibilities to me!

So this box called out to me….


Looking at the labeling on the box, it held out all kinds of promise!!

On the very top of the box were these two lovely little blocks calling out to me.

wpid-20150706_194108.jpgBeckoning me over to investigate. Were just the blocks for sale? or even better the whole kit and caboodle. Upon further investigation, yes, the whole box of scrappy goodness could be mine.

And this is what I sorted through:


Now, all sorted and put away in their proper place. Looks like there is a scrap quilt in my future!

Hoping someday to post what becomes of that box of possibilities!


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