Intimidated By a Big change…


wpid-20150726_143843.jpgSometimes we find Change happening around us, good and bad and also amazing!
There has been a huge change/addition in my world. What’s a girl to do when this happens? Yep. ..clean!

My very dear husband researched and sought out a longarm quilting machine for me us. He says he is not interested in quilting on it, but I am not convinced! I had hoped that someday I might own one, but never dreamed it would be anytime soon. After a lot of his making phone calls, e-mailing and so on, we went to look at a machine which I test drove. The seller loved this machine and took great care of it. She had however moved onto a computerized model. We set up a date for pick up and in the meantime discussed and prepared for transport. This is no small feat!


A successful hour and a half trip home! We unloaded everything and put it in place in the basement where we have a finished room. That is with the exception of the 14 foot table. Too heavy and large for the two of us to handle. That had to wait until we had some extra strength. After we had 2 additional bodies to help out, removed a door and a railing on the stairway, there was a sigh of relief that this fit!

She was quickly set up and leveled. It was my goal over the weekend to test drive and practice on this machine. I did get as far as oiling her. Quite honestly, this is all a bit overwhelming and intimidating. I even went to a local Ben Franklin and hit the clearance table for some clearance cotton to practice on. Got a deal on some fabric at $2.00 a yard.

Seeing as how the locale for this addition is in the basement, which is not used often, I felt as though some cleaning, sorting and mopping were in order.  I am almost done with that!  Additionally, we hooked up the dehumidifier so that we no longer needed to remember to empty, but that it could drain. Need to protect the investment right?


Hoping to report very soon about my progress in getting this up and running! Just need to put the fears aside!wpid-20150726_143815.jpg

Very grateful to the dear person who made this possible!


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