Found Treasures


My sister recently uncovered in a closet a couple of long forgotten quilts that Grandma made.  One she remembers as a wedding gift, and the other she thinks Mom brought out to her.  As she was married in the 60’s, the fabrics are from a scrap collection prior to that.

The quilt from her wedding is a neat pattern using hexies and rectangles. And I haven’t yet figured out how this was pieced.Love the old fabrics including the backing.  This quilt was hand pieced and quilted.



The edges were all hand sewn around with a blanket stitch.


It was fun to see fabrics that brought us back to our childhoods.  One of the fabrics had little umbrellas all over it.  Thinking back. ..I think I had a doll blanket that used that fabric.wpid-20150801_092239.jpgThis other quilt may date back further. It is strings sewn together. They all vary in width and some are even a bit wonky. Love the fabric and again the backing is wonderful. Pretty roses.wpid-20150801_092952.jpgwpid-20150801_093037.jpgwpid-20150801_093124.jpgwpid-20150801_093048.jpg
This particular quilt has been well loved. There are a number of areas that have come apart at the seams to reveal another layer of fabric underneath. No batting was used, just a layer of fabric. This quilt was hand tied with bits of red yarn.

So great to be surrounded  by great memories of a talented lady! I still have 2 flannel blankets she made for me as a child. LOVE them! True Treasures!


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