Quilters Who Inspire Me This Week!


There is so much inspiration out there!! Sometimes we tend to either just do our own thing, or pick a fabric line and stick to that or find a designer we like and follow their work. We will buy their books or patterns because that is what appeals to us at the moment. We get to know their work and their style and it becomes comfortable to us. And then sometimes, something catches your eye… something different from what we have been doing. Perhaps it is a challenge on the horizon for us. It could also be their sense and use of color that draws us in. While these designers and their works have been around for quite some time something sparks our interest!

This week two different designers have caught my eye:

Tula Pink
Aardvark Quilts

More about each of these talented artists can be read by clicking on the links. I love Tula Pink’s choices of color. Her fabrics are quirky and fun.




Aarvark Quilts offers some beautiful and different patterns!

Where are you drawing your inspiration from?



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