This Just Finished and Coming Off the Wall!



This was a start a few weeks ago: On the Wall at Pam’s House

There are 16 sections like the one above that I made to make this into a nice sized throw.


Well, somehow over the last couple of weeks I have made significant progress. Once you get used to sewing curves and using a few tricks in regard to doing so, it becomes a fairly easy process. That is not to say that I never have to pull out that seam ripper, because that would not be true!


I chose bold and large polka dot centers for each of the 4 rings. Then I added in a bright orange and purple print for the very center as well as the 4 arcs to finish off the sides where the rings intersect. There is a lot going on in this quilt, and while I do have repeats of some of the fabrics, I felt the need to tie it all together in a couple of ways:

  • the outside corners all have a brown base
  • the inside center corners all have the deep purple base
  • the centers of all the rings have the same polka dot fabric
  • the very center and outside arcs are the same bright orange

The space and layout of my room doesn’t really allow for the best angles and such for picture taking. I am pleased to say though that the piecing is done!


Now I am thinking about the backing and how I will quilt this!! Both could be a lot of fun!

Next on my mind is always… what will I make next???? I am already working that one out! I have a bunch of random pieces and blocks that are started. Looks like a “Kitchen Sink” quilt will be in order!

Until next time!


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