Critters and a Kitchen Sink!


This is the kind of chaos that happens at my home on a regular basis… We live in the country surrounded by corn fields and wheat fields.
Dogs nap,

Kittens lounge on the front porch,

And sometimes a guest shows up at, or in this case, on your front door!

In our over 12 years of living here we have seen a whole host of wildlife but never a walking stick. My husband opened the door on Saturday morning and, this is what he discovered, and of course wondered why there was a twig on the screen! It was pretty neat to see so up close.

as in a”kitchen sink quilt! ”
Parts a plenty seem to multiply when I am not looking! How do they happen?
Leftover blocks from other projects.
image .

Leftover parts from other projects.
Random things I sew together when I am between projects. I can’t always decide what I want to work on next, so I dig into the scrap bin and just start sewing things together

OR I sew strings of fabric onto phone book pages. I am always thinking that one day, someday, this stuff will find a home!

I pulled all this stuff out and it is far more than I thought I had!
Step 1 -Put as much as you can up on the design wall.


Step 2 -Coming soon!

Enjoy the weekend. Until then lounge a little and play with scraps!

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