Kitchen Sink Quilt Part 2


I am amazed at the amount of extra parts that I have! There are more than what I have been able to fit onto the wall. How to make sense of all of it? My first strategy is to figure out what I want my over all finished look to be.

Do I want it to be all squares and leftovers sewn together and made to fit?

Do I want it to have a background that will be the common piece throughout?

Do I want my quilt to appear as though the pieces float? How to obtain that? In my mind that involves a dark background.

I have chosen the dark background. However, I have 3 dark values, A dark charcoal gray, a medium charcoal gray and a very deep (almost black) brown. I thought the little bit of difference could add some interest. Not to mention, that I don’t have a lot of any of these fabrics.

Where to start? Where to start? That is always a sticking point! So, I started by completing some things using the dark background.wpid-20150812_183932.jpgAnd Lo and Behold I came across another block I had made as kind of a study. I wasn’t sure that due to the colors that this would fit in anywhere, but I think it will work! I am thinking that I will add more dark strips between the blocks on the sides.


While I have sewn together hexies when doing English Paper Piecing, I have never sewn them together on a machine. It is very doable. Next time I am at the machine I will put together a little “how-to” and post it.

Later gator!


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