Quilting, Relaxing, Cooking Over an Open Fire and More!


Luanne and had not camped together since we were in high school. So, that has been more than a couple of years!! In conversation a while back we talked about how we liked to camp, and cook over a fire. Well that notion evolved into our own little camping/quilting retreat.

My kind husband hooked up the camper and helped us to get set up at a nearby county campground. Yep, 10 minutes away!! It had more to do with getting away than a destination. Also convenient if something were needed or forgotten, and one needed to make a trip back. (of course that happened, but only once)

Luanne was really thinking and we had the best looking campsite at the park! She added a picnic quilted tablecloth and flowers to our table. The fire was stoked and we cooked most of our first breakfast over it! Great way to start a day. Somehow food always tastes better when you are camping!wpid-20150821_091959.jpg

In no time we had our outdoor sewing room set up complete with an ironing station, cutting station and a design wall! Projects came out!! Scraps flew. The weather…. well it was absolutely perfect. (Even though there were a few pesky mosquitos biting at our ankles!)wpid-20150821_103809.jpg

wpid-20150821_103856.jpgwpid-20150821_103913.jpgLots of Catching up was done as well as a lot of laughter! One night we played a game of this:

wpid-20150821_203222.jpgwpid-20150821_203116.jpgWe quickly realized how little we knew about quilting. You have to answer a question correctly in order to move off of the center of the board. That alone took a long time! Technique, Products, History and More were all a part of the Quilting Trivia Questions that were asked in the game. While just the two of us played this game, I cannot imagine a whole group because you would be up all night… takes awhile. There are certain destinations on the board you have to reach, and you have the choice of adding additional destinations. We added 3, and that was plenty. Our lack of knowledge had us a bit giddy, and even laughing till we cried.

Our only glitch of the weekend involved this –wpid-20150822_081039.jpg

Waking up on Saturday morning we found that this very important door knob in the camper no longer worked! Wouldn’t turn… was it locked? Nope.. not a lock on the BATHROOM DOOR! Just did not work! The Bathroom Door! Aside from the obvious need for this to work was the fact that all of my toiletries were in that room, and this girl needed a shower! Again, our hero arrived with his white stallion Car and Tools. He wielded the Mighty Crowbar and got the door open! Turns out, a piece of metal had broken in the inner workings of this door knob! He was rewarded with a tasty breakfast sandwich! We were both very grateful to have been on the outside of the bathroom rather than locked inside!! That door would have been broken down!!

In the next couple of posts we will fill you in on the details of our projects…

What do you do with a mystery quilt finish that is not really your thing?

Round Robin Quilts

A New Template (love) and the  Great results!!

Enjoy the Day   – Pam

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