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Quilting Play Date


Saturday I was invited over to Pam’s for a fun day of quilting.  It is always a good day when we can spend it together doing what we love.  I packed up a few projects and headed on over.  Pam has recently aquired a new toy, a used gammil in wonderful condition, just waiting for us to learn how to use her.  We spent a bit of time just playing on that, and then I got down to business making amchristmas gift.  I would love to share more about that, but alas, that person who it is for may read about it here, so you will have to wait to hear about that.  I also spent some time working on a swap joined online.  This swap is a friendship star.  We send in seven each month and get seven back.  I joined one that is Christmas colors.  Each month we have a color theme assigned.  It is so fun to get those “squishy” envelopes back in the mail and see what everyone sent.  I am working ahead and here is a peek at my November blocks in progress.imageWhen you are doing a swap, you want everything to be very accurate.  I have found using a paper method to give me that accuracy.  Pam told me about a computer program that I could print whatever size I need whenever I need it.imageI ordered this program called Triangulations and was very impressed with how quickly I could sew the half square triangles that I needed.  It’s nice to know I have it on hand for whatever size I need.

Our play date went so very quickly, as it always does.  It was a great day to get a few things done and get motivated to get a few more Christmas gifts made!


Wisconsin Quilt Museum Exhibit


In a few short weeks, this exhibit will be closing at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum. wpid-20150710_070654.jpg

It has been great fun to have my quilts for the first time ever as part of an exhibit. It has also been fun to travel to various quilt shops in Wisconsin, and see the poster for the exhibit on their bulletin boards and know that I am a part of that!

Being a part of this challenged me in a number of ways… the machine quilting for one! Meeting a deadline, especially since I didn’t know I could even accomplish the quilting aspect. The quilt “Inspire” started as a block in a 15 Minutes of Play (Victoria Findlay Wolfe) class. It then inspired me to create a quilt around it. In making “Inspire” it really helped me to define my process in how I design. Some people sit with graph paper, or a design program and can create a quilt. That process just doesn’t work for me. I seem to get stuck.  I create as I go. This can involve a lot of time staring at something, walking away and letting it alone, and even starting in one direction only to have it do a 180 by the time I am done! I have learned to start  things… with no finished size in mind, no idea of how many and what borders, number of blocks and so on. There is no quick quilting, but a lot of enjoying of the process!! wpid-20150719_132709.jpg

My second quilt – “For Rose” was created to honor my Mom. I have always wanted to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I felt that it was perhaps outside of my reach skill wise. Not really. Victoria Findlay Wolfe broke it down in her book and class on Double Wedding Rings Made Modern. Curves? Bring them on!! wpid-20150719_134815.jpg

The exhibit ends on October 18th. I am so glad to have extended myself this year by stepping outside my comfort zone! Who knows what I will put myself up to next??

For now though, the simple addition of a McCall’s Pattern Cabinet to my sewing room threw things into a state of disarray. Very soon, the reorganizing will be done, and I will have a much nicer and more functional place to work! Perhaps a tour will be in order!

Enjoy the day!


A Randomly Organized Fall Idea!


Sometimes, on rare occasion, I have (what I think is) a brilliant idea! Almost genius!

I compiled in a basket all of the Halloween and Fall projects I could and should be working on. I put in all the fabrics, kits, patterns and templates for working on these pieces. One stop shopping!


Will they all get accomplished this fall? Not likely! But my odds are better than if I left it all put away in the cabinet right?

I will see this basket when I walk past my sewing room from the doorway. I will see it when I enter the room.


This could also potentially save me from buying new Fall and Halloween products because I didn’t remember what I had!

Happy Fall!


Collaboration Quilts I


We have both referred to “Collaboration Quilts” that we have been working on for quite sometime now. Well it is about time we shared! This has been our very own Round Robin kind of quilt – with only the two of us participating. In the end each one of us will have a quilt that we have both worked on.

It started simply with each of us picking out a fat quarter while we were at a quilt show. Then switching fat quarters.

Luanne’s Choice:



Pam’s Choice:


From there we each created a block. What size? Any!!  Pattern? What ever we wanted! With what fabric? The chosen fat quarter and whatever we had in our stashes! From there we each started a bin that we could keep the blocks and fabrics in. Over time we have each added coordinating fabrics to the bins.

Additionally we have each kept a little journal to go with the quilts, so we can log thoughts, pattern info, why we chose a block or whatever.

Each time we see each other we have swapped the bins we have for the others, so that we are both working on both quilts. COLLABORATION!

Please click COLLABORATION GALLERY to view a number of the blocks that we have made!

Our intention is to make these into throw size quilts, and we are both now coming to the point where it is time to start wrapping this project up. We almost have enough to create the throw size, but will certainly have to add in some random blocks or sashings to accommodate the varying sizes of the blocks.

Will there be borders? What kind? Simple borders?  Or do we add something fun into the mix? Stay tuned!

Madison Quilt Expo


But first…. who does this? Who puts their lip balm near the glue stick?? In their gadget drawer by their sewing machine. I almost reached for the wrong thing!


The Quilt Expo in Madison was once again a very fun day that goes all too quickly!! On the way there, this vehicle was spotted. Wasn’t sure if we were supposed to follow it or not:wpid-20150912_084740.jpg

Up each aisle and down the other side. Don’t want to miss a single thing!! And there is no looking ahead to what is on the other side of the aisle!! These are our rules, but funny enough, we did hear others who had the same conversation going on!

We spent the day listening to and watching demos on my most favorite of all things…. GADGETS!! I usually come home with at least one!! This year it was Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Lemonye Star Ruler. The Tucker Trimmer came home too, as well as my choice of pattern if I purchased both!

A couple of fat quarters made their way home, but all in all not much fabric this year. My dear husband was even shopping!wpid-20150912_110828.jpg

And then of course there was the show in the middle of the exhibit hall… Amazing works and amazing quilting! Enjoy a few shots of what we saw…wpid-20150912_154213.jpgwpid-20150912_154553.jpgwpid-20150912_154830.jpgwpid-20150912_154805.jpgwpid-20150912_154011.jpgwpid-20150912_154715.jpgwpid-20150912_154311.jpgwpid-20150912_151557.jpgwpid-20150912_152237.jpgwpid-20150912_153942.jpg

AMAZING TALENT!!!wpid-20150912_155014.jpg

A great day with two of my favorite people!


Quilt Expo In Madison Here We Come!


Madison, you have been warned!

We look forward to this day every year! A day of shopping in a fantastic Vendor Market at the WISCONSIN QUILT EXPO, surrounded by all that is Good… QUILTS! and more QUILTS! and gadgets and fabric and machines. And people who speak our language! Can’t wait!

the inspiration of it all, the atmosphere, and all that talent!

Wait for it… there will be pictures!

Pam and Luanne

Weekend Projects


Our camping trip was indeed a wonderful time.  The new template that Pam bought was so much fun to work with.  I have discovered just how much I love sewing curves!  Between the new template and the double wedding ring I got to practice curves all weekend. I already shared my pictures of the start of my double wedding ring.  Here is the block I made using the template that Pam bought.image

This weekend I have taken it a bit easy and decided to make pot holders.  I picked up this fabric at Nancy’s Notions during our quilt retreat.  The fabric was perfect for pot holders for my son who recently moved into an apartment and needed some. While I love getting my teeth into something that is challenging, it was nice sewing something start to finish in one day.image

This next week I will pull out my collaboration quilt that Pam and I are working on and get a block done so we can switch projects next weekend when we head to Madison for the big quilt show.  Look for pictures of that quilt in progress later this week!


A New Ruler and the Awesome Results!


wpid-20150823_175846.jpgWhile camping almost 2 weekends ago now, Luanne and I ventured in to Beaver Dam to Nancy’s Notions. While the 3 yards of plain white cotton that I bought was not the most exciting…..(but necessary I am sure)  I did come across a very happy and fun purchase!

Creative Grids Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler


Always intrigued by a gadget, ruler, template, this had to come back to the campsite with us! In short order we had each picked out our design and fabrics that we wanted to use. For this quilt, we dug into our Collaboration Quilt Boxes and chose the desired fabrics.

Each of the designs take different amounts of the A and B cuts, so we first figured how many of each we needed from our different fabrics. Then we made our cuts and were off and running.

Here is the first one I made:wpid-20150823_175112.jpg

And because I had so much fun with it, I made another one using another design:wpid-20150823_175106-1.jpg

Please note the beautiful blue hand dyed fabric used! Luanne did that!

And perhaps Luanne will thrown in a picture of hers as well!

The directions are pretty clear, but here is a great Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler tutorial found on Youtube on how the cutting and piecing magic should happen.

Looking for something new? Give it a try!

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!




A few days ago, Pam posed the question “What inspires you?”.  It made me pause and think.  Lately I have not been very inspired and therefore not been quilting much.  What could I do to relight that fire?  I have recently given up my sewing room to make room for my son and his wife while they look for a house.  Not being surrounded by my fabric stash, while for a good cause, I think has affected my creativity and overall desire to quilt.  How to get that back……  A quilting camping retreat went a long way to relight my fire.  Being with a fellow quilter, talking quilts, playing with fabric, and having a whole weekend devoted to quilting sure did help.  Throw in there a day trip to Nancy’s Notions and I am back with a passion to create.

Pam mentioned the mystery quilts we both did last year.  The finished project was definitely not my cup of tea.  I tend to like a calmer, more planned look, and this quilt was not it.wpid-20150821_102939.jpgThis quilt kind of made my brain hurt trying to make sense of it.  There was no resting place for my eyes as it moved across it.  Quite frankly, I told Pam I was going to put it in the dumpster, I had too many quilts that I really liked that I wanted to finish.  I could hear Pam scream through messanger as we were discussing this, “Noooooooo, don’t do it!  We can make something from it!  We can cut it up!”  Now, I was upset with the quilt, and the idea of cutting it up intrigued me.  What could I lose right?  It could always go in the dumpster later if I still didn’t like those results.  Our camping/quilting weekend was the date set for the massacre of this quilt top.wpid-20150821_102946.jpgThis was taken right before the cutting began.wpid-20150821_104743.jpgHere we go!  Let the cutting begin!  Pam had given me a gift of double wedding ring templates for my birthday this year.  It was time to pull those puppies out and see what I could create.imageHere is the beginning of the process.  The design wall proved to be exactly what we needed to work with our cut up quilts.  Laying different pieces and stepping back to view them is the best way to design. This design wall was simply the back of a tablecloth that had small holes in the top and hung on the side of the camper with command strips.imageThis is as far as I got on  this project on our weekend escape.  I must say I really love it!  Working with the double wedding ring templates and sewing a few sections together was wonderful fun.

I returned home with new drive.  I am currently setting up my fabric in a small storage room where I can see it and be inspired by it once again.  I am anxious to get back at the mystery quilt that almost ended up in the dumpster and make it into something I absolutely love.

There were more things that we worked on that we will be sharing soon.  Until then, never throw out a top you are not happy with, cut it up instead!!