Sometimes Things Need to Change!


Ever create something that didn’t turn out quite like you wanted? Not the right colors? Your skills or technique weren’t on point? Pattern didn’t make sense?

In this case, we both created a Mystery Quilt. We were given a suggested palette but opted to work with some fabrics we had on hand in our stash’s.

Luanne can tell you all about hers in another post, but I will give a bit of detail about mine today.

I had gotten a great deal on some Christmas fabrics – some clearance. I added a few stash fabrics to the mix, and picked up a couple of others to enhance what I had. My thought was that, while this indeed had the Christmas Holiday elements to it that I could keep this on the bed at least through January as the fabrics also have a nice winter look to them. I started off working on the quilt when the first clue was released. The suggested palette was much brighter than I think either of us were working with. I did each step of the quilt and then the full design was revealed at the end of 2014. I wasn’t sure when I saw the reveal if it was my thing or not…. too digital? I went ahead and assembled the quilt. Still not my thing! Too busy? Could anything be too busy for me? I like lots going on in a quilt. I will say that Luanne had the same reaction.

What’s a girl to do with a quilt she has put time and money into that she doesn’t like?

CUT IT UP! Make it new! Make it a challenge! Make it into something that makes sense to you!

And so it began! wpid-20150821_111936.jpg

BEFORE:wpid-20150821_103118.jpg wpid-20150821_103129.jpg


AFTER SO FAR! wpid-20150821_113541-1.jpg

Already calmer to me! I would like to get this on the bed for Christmas this year!! Must keep plugging away.

Okay Luanne, it’s on you! Show us what you have in the works! I really happen to like it a lot!


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