A few days ago, Pam posed the question “What inspires you?”.  It made me pause and think.  Lately I have not been very inspired and therefore not been quilting much.  What could I do to relight that fire?  I have recently given up my sewing room to make room for my son and his wife while they look for a house.  Not being surrounded by my fabric stash, while for a good cause, I think has affected my creativity and overall desire to quilt.  How to get that back……  A quilting camping retreat went a long way to relight my fire.  Being with a fellow quilter, talking quilts, playing with fabric, and having a whole weekend devoted to quilting sure did help.  Throw in there a day trip to Nancy’s Notions and I am back with a passion to create.

Pam mentioned the mystery quilts we both did last year.  The finished project was definitely not my cup of tea.  I tend to like a calmer, more planned look, and this quilt was not it.wpid-20150821_102939.jpgThis quilt kind of made my brain hurt trying to make sense of it.  There was no resting place for my eyes as it moved across it.  Quite frankly, I told Pam I was going to put it in the dumpster, I had too many quilts that I really liked that I wanted to finish.  I could hear Pam scream through messanger as we were discussing this, “Noooooooo, don’t do it!  We can make something from it!  We can cut it up!”  Now, I was upset with the quilt, and the idea of cutting it up intrigued me.  What could I lose right?  It could always go in the dumpster later if I still didn’t like those results.  Our camping/quilting weekend was the date set for the massacre of this quilt top.wpid-20150821_102946.jpgThis was taken right before the cutting began.wpid-20150821_104743.jpgHere we go!  Let the cutting begin!  Pam had given me a gift of double wedding ring templates for my birthday this year.  It was time to pull those puppies out and see what I could create.imageHere is the beginning of the process.  The design wall proved to be exactly what we needed to work with our cut up quilts.  Laying different pieces and stepping back to view them is the best way to design. This design wall was simply the back of a tablecloth that had small holes in the top and hung on the side of the camper with command strips.imageThis is as far as I got on  this project on our weekend escape.  I must say I really love it!  Working with the double wedding ring templates and sewing a few sections together was wonderful fun.

I returned home with new drive.  I am currently setting up my fabric in a small storage room where I can see it and be inspired by it once again.  I am anxious to get back at the mystery quilt that almost ended up in the dumpster and make it into something I absolutely love.

There were more things that we worked on that we will be sharing soon.  Until then, never throw out a top you are not happy with, cut it up instead!!


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  1. Love it! Because I have been known to steal scraps that Luanne has thrown in the garbage, had she the that quilt top out, I would have had to go dumpster diving!

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