Madison Quilt Expo


But first…. who does this? Who puts their lip balm near the glue stick?? In their gadget drawer by their sewing machine. I almost reached for the wrong thing!


The Quilt Expo in Madison was once again a very fun day that goes all too quickly!! On the way there, this vehicle was spotted. Wasn’t sure if we were supposed to follow it or not:wpid-20150912_084740.jpg

Up each aisle and down the other side. Don’t want to miss a single thing!! And there is no looking ahead to what is on the other side of the aisle!! These are our rules, but funny enough, we did hear others who had the same conversation going on!

We spent the day listening to and watching demos on my most favorite of all things…. GADGETS!! I usually come home with at least one!! This year it was Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Lemonye Star Ruler. The Tucker Trimmer came home too, as well as my choice of pattern if I purchased both!

A couple of fat quarters made their way home, but all in all not much fabric this year. My dear husband was even shopping!wpid-20150912_110828.jpg

And then of course there was the show in the middle of the exhibit hall… Amazing works and amazing quilting! Enjoy a few shots of what we saw…wpid-20150912_154213.jpgwpid-20150912_154553.jpgwpid-20150912_154830.jpgwpid-20150912_154805.jpgwpid-20150912_154011.jpgwpid-20150912_154715.jpgwpid-20150912_154311.jpgwpid-20150912_151557.jpgwpid-20150912_152237.jpgwpid-20150912_153942.jpg

AMAZING TALENT!!!wpid-20150912_155014.jpg

A great day with two of my favorite people!


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  1. Wow thanks for sharing you must have had a great time at the quilt expo. I love the stones and the red bird quilt and the mountain scene and of course that amazing veggie one Such amazing quilts! And I too have Burt’s Bees Lip Balm everywhere in the house, though the plain pepperminty one. I don’t think it too crazy to keep a stick in with my hand quilting supplies let alone in my sewing room, though they do seem to travel a lot getting lost all over the house! Enjoy all that quilty inspiration!


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