Collaboration Quilts I


We have both referred to “Collaboration Quilts” that we have been working on for quite sometime now. Well it is about time we shared! This has been our very own Round Robin kind of quilt – with only the two of us participating. In the end each one of us will have a quilt that we have both worked on.

It started simply with each of us picking out a fat quarter while we were at a quilt show. Then switching fat quarters.

Luanne’s Choice:



Pam’s Choice:


From there we each created a block. What size? Any!!  Pattern? What ever we wanted! With what fabric? The chosen fat quarter and whatever we had in our stashes! From there we each started a bin that we could keep the blocks and fabrics in. Over time we have each added coordinating fabrics to the bins.

Additionally we have each kept a little journal to go with the quilts, so we can log thoughts, pattern info, why we chose a block or whatever.

Each time we see each other we have swapped the bins we have for the others, so that we are both working on both quilts. COLLABORATION!

Please click COLLABORATION GALLERY to view a number of the blocks that we have made!

Our intention is to make these into throw size quilts, and we are both now coming to the point where it is time to start wrapping this project up. We almost have enough to create the throw size, but will certainly have to add in some random blocks or sashings to accommodate the varying sizes of the blocks.

Will there be borders? What kind? Simple borders?  Or do we add something fun into the mix? Stay tuned!

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  1. My sister and I like to quilt together. We’re working on one now for her granddaughter. We’re using a “traditional” medallion style round robin, though the quilt will be far from traditional when it’s done. Hope you’re having as much fun as we are!

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    • Melanie, we sure are! Our intention with this project is to also challenge each other. Both our skills and stepping outside the box. It has been great fun to have this kind of a quilting buddy…and in the long run it has made us better quilters!


      • Challenging, yes, I think for both of us. Our work styles and taste in fabric overlap but we have our differences! I’m a lot more regimented, so working with her frees me up some. I think we’re better together. :)

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  2. Melanie, it sounds like us. I am the regimented one, and Pam is the free spirit. She has certainly stretched me and freed me up some. It’s fun to hear about others adventures in quilting!

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