Wisconsin Quilt Museum Exhibit


In a few short weeks, this exhibit will be closing at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum. wpid-20150710_070654.jpg

It has been great fun to have my quilts for the first time ever as part of an exhibit. It has also been fun to travel to various quilt shops in Wisconsin, and see the poster for the exhibit on their bulletin boards and know that I am a part of that!

Being a part of this challenged me in a number of ways… the machine quilting for one! Meeting a deadline, especially since I didn’t know I could even accomplish the quilting aspect. The quilt “Inspire” started as a block in a 15 Minutes of Play (Victoria Findlay Wolfe) class. It then inspired me to create a quilt around it. In making “Inspire” it really helped me to define my process in how I design. Some people sit with graph paper, or a design program and can create a quilt. That process just doesn’t work for me. I seem to get stuck.  I create as I go. This can involve a lot of time staring at something, walking away and letting it alone, and even starting in one direction only to have it do a 180 by the time I am done! I have learned to start  things… with no finished size in mind, no idea of how many and what borders, number of blocks and so on. There is no quick quilting, but a lot of enjoying of the process!! wpid-20150719_132709.jpg

My second quilt – “For Rose” was created to honor my Mom. I have always wanted to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I felt that it was perhaps outside of my reach skill wise. Not really. Victoria Findlay Wolfe broke it down in her book and class on Double Wedding Rings Made Modern. Curves? Bring them on!! wpid-20150719_134815.jpg

The exhibit ends on October 18th. I am so glad to have extended myself this year by stepping outside my comfort zone! Who knows what I will put myself up to next??

For now though, the simple addition of a McCall’s Pattern Cabinet to my sewing room threw things into a state of disarray. Very soon, the reorganizing will be done, and I will have a much nicer and more functional place to work! Perhaps a tour will be in order!

Enjoy the day!


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