Quilting Play Date


Saturday I was invited over to Pam’s for a fun day of quilting.  It is always a good day when we can spend it together doing what we love.  I packed up a few projects and headed on over.  Pam has recently aquired a new toy, a used gammil in wonderful condition, just waiting for us to learn how to use her.  We spent a bit of time just playing on that, and then I got down to business making amchristmas gift.  I would love to share more about that, but alas, that person who it is for may read about it here, so you will have to wait to hear about that.  I also spent some time working on a swap joined online.  This swap is a friendship star.  We send in seven each month and get seven back.  I joined one that is Christmas colors.  Each month we have a color theme assigned.  It is so fun to get those “squishy” envelopes back in the mail and see what everyone sent.  I am working ahead and here is a peek at my November blocks in progress.imageWhen you are doing a swap, you want everything to be very accurate.  I have found using a paper method to give me that accuracy.  Pam told me about a computer program that I could print whatever size I need whenever I need it.imageI ordered this program called Triangulations and was very impressed with how quickly I could sew the half square triangles that I needed.  It’s nice to know I have it on hand for whatever size I need.

Our play date went so very quickly, as it always does.  It was a great day to get a few things done and get motivated to get a few more Christmas gifts made!


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