So Much Inspiration, So Little Time!!


On Saturday, Luanne and I had the pleasure of going to Racine for the Racine Lighthouse Quilters – Quilt Show! The guild hosts this event every other year. This is a guild that both myself and my Mom had been members of many years ago. I was in my very early 20’s when I started quilting with my Mom. Our love of creating with our hands was a common thread we always shared. Upon entering the hall, and paying our admission, we were asked how we had heard about the show. I told them of how once upon a time I had been a member along with Mom. While my time in the guild was short due to an out of state move, they remembered my Mom with big smiles. They even recalled her dear friend Anita, a very sweet and talented lady.

Such pleasure to walk about and see all of the talent and get a charge of inspiration from these quilts. The vivid colors, the artistry and phenomenal quilting all made me want to head home and try harder!



The featured quilter was a lady named Cindy Garcia. What talent! Wow!


Aside from that, not many stitches were made this weekend. I had a date on Sunday with my family to go to the Wisconsin Quilt Museum. My sister Diane wanted to see my quilts in person at the exhibit! So glad her and her husband were able to visit. We did walk around a bit outside after. Here in Wisconsin we need to take in every beautiful day while we still have them! The barn is amazing on the inside and outside!!wpid-20151018_140539.jpgwpid-20151018_140353.jpg

Enjoy the Fall! Now get busy!


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