Waiting for a rainy day


Going to the quilt show last Saturday certainly got me excited to get home and sew!  I love looking at all the beautiful quilts, and of course visiting all the vendors.  There were many items I would love to aquire.  One of the vendors had some beautiful needle bowls made of wood with a magnet in the bottom.  He also had seam rippers with handles made of wood as well.  I love to surround myself with beautifully crafted items.

One thing that caught my eye was a booth with really pretty umbrellas.  We wandered in and started looking.  I thought they were for sale, but as it turned out they had a pattern and the umbrella frames too!  What’s a girl to do?  I quickly bought the booklet, with full assurances from the sales lady that these umbrellas were easy, and if I wanted to I could come out to the shop and sew in their back room and get help if I needed it.image

Our shopping was not done yet.  After the show, we went to Sew and Save of Racine and continued purchasing items.  They had some wonderful fabric in their sale area that would make a fun umbrella. imageToday was the day to undertake the project.  I had off of work and could spend all day ignoring my housework and just sewing.  Cutting was the most tedious part of the whole project.imageEach of the eight sections needed to be cut separately using a regular sewing scissors, no rotary cutter for this project!  The it was on to my favorite part, sitting down at my machine and sewing the sections together.  imageThis part went pretty quickly.  It was really coming together!  Finally I got to the point that I could put the fabric onto the umbrella frame.imageThe last part is adding little pieces to the tips of the fabric that hold it to the frame, and stitching in a few places to keep it all where it is supposed to be.  It was mostly just whip stitching, and presto!imageAlI need to do is get some water repellent spray and I am ready for a rainy day!  Bring it on!


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