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It Started With a Pair of Boots…




Yesterday was one of our more “headed into winter” type days. Cold, drizzling and blustery. I am finally starting to wrap my head around the fact that I need to wear socks and shoes everyday. I went to the local TJMaxx at lunch with boots and gloves on my mind. Not winter boots, but the kind I could wear with jeans or leggings. I was successful on all fronts. Gloves, scarf and boots! However the boots kind of call out for a knit cuff. The hunt led me to Ravelry, and a search for a free pattern. As I was not looking for complicated I stayed away from cable designs. I came across this pattern from Simply Notable by Julie Tarsha.


Yarn? Down to the bins in the basement to find a wool I had spun sometime ago. Size 6 DPN’s (needles) and my yarn bowl. My daughter Sarah had seen this on one of my Pinterest Boards and gifted it to me. So nice not to have the yarn rolling about .


It had been so long since I had knit anything, that I actually forgot momentarily how to cast on! I am better than half way done with one, and am thinking that I may not do as many repeats as required. The yarn I am working with is a bit heavier, and it is knitting up a little quicker. My end result will not be as defined because of the yarn, but I am pleased.



Nope, Not a quilt, but certainly Fiber Related!

Happy Weekend!


Random Scrappy Thoughts


Today my brain is all over the place (this could be a result of too much coffee)!

All random….

Happy Scraps and Random Thoughts!


The Mystery of the Missing Parts and Sewing Some Curves


For the most part I would have to say that it was a very quiet and productive weekend. I did not end up working on what I had fully intended to…and sometimes that happens! I thought that I would spend the majority of 2 days sewing and quilting on the longarm. As is turns out this overwhelming desire to clean out my kitchen cabinets took over. The cabinets I have avoided for so long.. it happened! What a sense of satisfaction! Ya just have to go with it when the mood hits, because it might not happen for a long, long time! In the midst of my work, I must have gone into my sewing room and accidentally left this pet gate open:


I do not have puppies, but at times they certainly act like it. I see pictures that other quilters post of their beloved cats and dogs laying in their scraps and on their quilts. Curious cats at sewing machines. Dogs laying frightfully close to the foot pedal for the sewing machine. A companion in the sewing room. NOT! Not my dogs for this reason: 4 parts went missing! One was so soggy that it went into the trash, and another was pretty gross and distorted. See the good and the bad:


2 gone forever! And the culprit is right here:


She is a sweet girl, but can’t resist Kleenex, paper towel, toilet paper, napkins… and my fabric! While I don’t want my pieces to go missing, I am more concerned about what it could do to her intestines. This is something I take seriously as I have had a dog get into the laundry hamper, eat something that wrapped itself around her intestines, and we lost her. So, the gate is not there because I don’t want to share my space with my pets. It is there because I can’t share the space for their own good! Too mischievous!

On Sunday I was able to continue working on my Christmas Quilt.


This involved sewing some curves. My 1935 Featherweight works so well on curves!

I made 4 blocks like this:


These are for corners on a quilt border. At one point I took all 4 blocks and put them on my design wall. I liked the combination of the blocks together and the new design they form. I like it so much that I intend to do this on a future quilt! I think they would make a great center.


Grateful for a nice weekend!


Sometimes Things Need to Change Part II


A few months ago I had posted about a quilt that was going to make a metamorphosis into something new:

Sometimes Things Need to Change Part I

At times, without mentioning any names, there are people in my home that are well, home. This means I cannot begin to think I can work on certain top secret projects when they are home. So, I pull out something else to work on when they are there.

I don’t know that this Christmas quilt will make it to my bed this year for Christmas, but I can hope! This revamp got started back in August when Luanne and I went camping. This is where I last left off:wpid-20150821_113541-1.jpg

Since then I have added the Squares and Triangles to surround the star and give me another chance to do “Y Seams”! This called out for a dark border to frame the center.  I had a bunch of pieced blocks that measured about 4 1/2″ . I spent a little time arranging them to make some sort of sense or add a design element


Let’s talk about the center for a second… I randomly took one of the 4 1/2″ finished blocks and put it on top of the center of the star. It adds detail and will become a part of the quilt. I think this will get machine blanket stitched down to add a fun element.


Then.. do you see how the 2 star points kind of fade into the background? What to do? I pulled out the same diamond template that I made the star points with. I took that to a couple more leftover finished blocks and cut them in a way that the points would become the most pronounced – dark fabric at the point. These will also be appliqued down.


I am currently working on a little something fun for the corners on this border. Something to give it a little bit of a pop! Following that.. who knows? I am feeling the need to do something with curves of some sort to mix it up! Waiting for it to come to me!

Stay Tuned!


Sometimes Things Need to Change Part I

A Witch’s Hat and a Cute Dinosaur!


Some time ago I had an idea to put a bunch of already purchased fall and Halloween projects in a basket for easy access. Click here to view: Basket

So, what progress have I made? Not a lot! But about a month before Halloween I started working on a Twist Halloween Witches Hat. I had purchased  the pattern a couple of years ago at a Quilt Show in Madison. Basically I started by sewing together 5″ squares in a specific order. You get a general idea of the shape of the Hat at that point. From there you take the Twist Ruler/Template and cut around it by placing the lines on the template over the intersecting seam lines. After that the pieces get sewn back together to make a fun design. While this is an easy enough project, somehow I wasn’t really into it! When I am not fully invested in a project, it generally takes me a bit longer to complete, as I kind of just poke at it every now and again.


The piecing part is done. I used some fall scraps I had, and then dug into my stash for the purple and green borders. wpid-20151028_180129.jpg

It is not quilted, and it is not bound, but as least it is still not in the basket! It now hangs with my “to be quilted” backlog!!

Next up from the basket???? Well maybe there will be a Thanksgiving Table Runner. I will see about whether or not that makes the cut this year. There are some other projects that might just have to come ahead of it.

Cute Dinosaur Siting!!

We arrived just in time to see our Grandson finishing up his trick or treating. I got him to stop just long enough for a quick picture. The cold and wet did not slow this dino down!wpid-20151031_175455.jpg

Progress is being made on a couple of other quilts specifically my Mystery Quilt that is going from not good to loving it! I will share more on that next time!